Kucoin gas distribution

kucoin gas distribution

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Dear KuCoin Users,. KuCoin has completed the GAS distribution for NEO holders on October 24, Due to the NEO team's updated. Users who hold NEO on Kucoin will have GAS distributed to their accounts daily. A snapshot of NEO account balances is taken at UTC +8. icoase2022.org KuCoin will support the Opacity (OPQ) airdrop for users who held PRL on KuCoin, with a distribution ratio of 1 PRL = 1 OPQ.
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Account Types KuCoin has only one standard account type that is the same for all users. A document with your name on and either your signature or photograph, for example a passport, driving licence, credit card, cheque card; and Trade Now ad. However, the exchange has thus far proven itself to be a reputable exchange has a reputable team and founders operating the platform.